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-its time to make life a bit more interesting

Stunotes is all about students

We all love those 150 pages of class notes that squeezes the contents of a 1000 pages text book don't we?

Want all the class notes in one, easily accessible place? or do you want to know the events going on in all the colleges around you or do you simply want to enjoy reading some articles. Stunotes provides a platform for students to make learning fun, easy and exciting.

The idea for stunotes struck our minds when we (The Trio) were attending the session of stumagz and we were awed by the ideas and idealogies of Sricharan lakkaraju. Who ignited a drive in us to be different and creative. Later some of the students who attend the session were recruited by Stumagz team, fortunately or unfortunately we were not among them. This caused a great disappointment in all of us.

But the drive to make a difference went off like wild fire

Then we suddenly realized, most of the students were scramble around everywhere asking one another notes and getting them copied at the time of examinations. Then the idea of providing all subjects notes at one place to facilitate the students community, Sparkled in our minds.

Due to the tight sche